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Melt away stress and anxiety with two all-natural supplements from Mother Nature

Step into a new world of calm and serenity and simply take a breath...

Now let our effective soothing supplements keep you there

Step into a new world of calm and serenity and simply take a breath...

Now let our effective soothing supplements keep you there

Mushroom Calm™ Stress Relief

Stress Relief. Mood Support. Mental Clarity. Gut Health.

Calmway™ Mushroom Calm™ features 10 potent all-natural Fungi strains to soothe the central nervous system and support a healthy gut biome.

The anxiolytic properties held within the mushrooms instantly relieve anxiety, either upon waking or in social situations, and regulate dopamine and serotonin levels to improve your mood all day long.

  • Features Reishi, Lion’s Main, Cordyceps, and 7 other Fungi
  • Improves gut biome health for improved mental clarity and focus
  • Naturally supports the immune and digestive system for better health
  • Regulates anxiety levels, and improves skin health

Anxiety Ease™ Anxiety Relief

Anxiety Relief. Anti-Fatigue And Exhaustion. Better Sleep Support.

Calmway™ Anxiety Ease™ offers fast working – yet natural – Cortisol regulation to calm and soothe those exhausted by stress.

The formula contains vitamins, minerals, and natural herbs proven in clinical studies to support those who find the effects of increased stress levels crippling and holding them back from living their best lives.

  • Features Nootropics Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, and Bacopa Leaf to relax the nervous system and irradicate stress
  • Naturally supports quality sleep without the groggy effects of Melatonin
  • Lowers fatigue levels and improves relaxation for a sharper memory

Calmway™ uses the Earth’s vitamins, minerals, and Nootropic herbs as a natural source of healthcare – paired with the highest quality manufacturing

Every Calmway supplement is manufactured in the USA, in an FDA registered facility, under the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

Every batch features ingredients tested for purity before they are used in our products, and then tested again for optimal quality assurance and zero contamination at the end of the manufacturing process.

By the time your Calmway™ supplement reaches you it is as pure as can be and has passed every FDA compliance rule for a perfect experience and result.

Whatever is causing you stress and anxiety, Calmway™ has the solution. If you love what we do, share your experience on the Contact Page for a free gift

“I turned 73 this year, now I’m being told I need a ‘smart’ phone to order food from my favorite restaurant! I hate the way it’s all going but your mushroom calm product has helped banish the anxiety it was all making me feel”

Albert M.

“We gave our daughter both products and she preferred Anxiety ease. She was finding the run up to exams tough, but she claimed she felt so much calmer and more relaxed once she’d taken the two capsules. Thank you!”

Sue Palmisano

“I said if it worked I’d send a testimonial and so here it is. Despite being in a band (semi-pro) for 2 years now I still get the jitters at big live events. Anxiety Ease has seriously changed all that. Thank you”

Matt Rober

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