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Calmway™ - Quality Supplements for Stress and Anxiety

A Journey to Natural Relaxation and Wellness

Why Was CalmWay™ Created?

Like many people, I assumed life would be easy, simple, and stress-free once I finally retired. For years, I looked forward to the days of no deadlines, no meetings, no one to answer to.

But my reality of retirement was very different. I had trouble figuring out what to do with all this free time on my hands. And as a result of family and personal health issues, I felt more anxious than ever. Suddenly, I had trouble sleeping. I turned and tossed at night, trying to calm my racing thoughts with herbs, melatonin, and Kava teas. Nothing helped.

Needless to say, this was not what I had envisioned retirement would be like. I suppose it helped to know I wasn’t alone–some of my close friends at and near retirement age also struggled with anxiety with no clue how to treat it. Some turned to prescription medication, which helped to a degree, but I was determined to find a natural solution.

I dedicated my newfound free time to researching and discovered that stress causes a depletion of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) in our bodies, and when these vitamins and minerals are depleted, this now causes more stress and anxiety. In other words, a vicious cycle can develop in our bodies breakable only by replenishing the micronutrients our body needs to regulate anxiety.

I researched which vitamins and minerals are depleted by stress and focused on replenishing these in my body. I also discovered that certain mushrooms contained concentrated amounts of these stress-relieving micronutrients.

Along with taking these stress-relieving supplements, I also added meditation to my regular daily routine. In a couple of months, my stress and anxiety had decreased dramatically. I felt very relieved that I was able to achieve a calm mental and emotional state without prescription medications. But in the light of my breakthrough, I still felt for those who had to rely solely on prescribed medications to improve their mental health.

Creating a Natural Path to Peace

Knowing that replenishing depleted micronutrients is the first step to leading a calmer life, I grew determined to help my friends and others relieve their anxiety through natural means.

At the outset, I aimed to create a solution everyone could easily incorporate into their routines. I consulted and contracted with multiple nutraceutical experts, whose specialty is nutritional supplement formula development. Our main goal was to develop a supplement that replenishes micronutrients depleted by stress. The result was CalmWay™.

Founded in 2017, CalmWay™ provides all-natural supplements that feature a blend of anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic ingredients made to relax your brain and body. Just a few daily capsules ensure your stress-regulating macronutrients stay active and present, allowing you to go through each day with peace of mind.

As CalmWay™ continues to grow, we remain dedicated to our goal of creating happier, healthier people as they enter the later stages of life. We’re proud of the community we’ve built and know that the greatest honor is playing a part in your journey to give you the calmness you deserve.


Gil Pessa


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